August 17, 2019

Public film screenings in Ngwedu,Buliisa district

The real Avatar, a film about the struggles of indigenous communities against corporate abuse and exploitation is being screened publicly among thousands of communities in the Albertine region of Uganda whose lands are at great risk of being grabbed and polluted by multinational companies and private individuals as well as the government interested in the Oil and gas production . This film is very important and very crucial to the way of life of these communities. 250 community members attended the public film screenings with the participation of different NGO's, CBO's, women's and cultural groups, youth groups and farmers associations, facing threats to their cultures and environment. The tribes represented included Bagungu, Alur, Acholi and Banyakole among others. The central theme of the film screening was basically to think together on how best can the indigenous community facing threats from extractive industries can collaborate to defend their cultures, lands, and environment. The discussion was accompanied by screening from the 'Real Avatar' film in order to bring the topics into the local context.