July 24, 2019

NGO’s workshop on legal compliance and safety awareness training

Civic space in Uganda, like in many other parts of the world, continues to close as governments adopt outright repressive laws and practices and insidious approaches designed to make it difficult for groups to exercise their association freedoms. For example, offices of five organizations were raided and searched by the Uganda police in 2017. Various properties were confiscated and their activities were interrupted. The bank accounts of at least two organizations were frozen, affecting their operations. There has also been a weighty change in the legal regime governing civil society organizations in the country. Recent laws such as the Non-Governmental Organizations Act 2016, the Anti-Money Laundering Act, and the implementation of the Public Order Management Act continue to be used to unjustifiably limit the right to the freedoms of association, expression, and assembly. These developments have resulted in a number of legal obligations which NGOs, CBOs, and other civil society groups are expected to comply with to avoid running afoul of the law, intentionally or unintentionally. To increase civil society awareness of the changes in the legal terrain, Ngetha Media Association for Peace has partnered with Chapter Four Uganda to engage and train partner organizations at various levels on legal compliance and safety awareness for NGO’s and CBO’s. The aims of the engagement were to build the capacity of participants on key legal issues and share information steps that organizations may need to take to ensure legal compliance; To build capacity and share experiences on physical security at organizational and individual levels with an aim of improving HRD safety and security.