June 8, 2019

Ngetha Media Association for Peace and the Tor Project conducted Usability security Tool feedback for the Tor browser

On June 8, 2019, Ngetha Media Association for Peace hosted the Tor Project teams for the second time in the Albertine region of Uganda to conduct usability training and Tool feedback collection. The training also included a discussion with Ngetha Media Association for Peace partners on issues related to security and different tools for the protection of activists. It was followed up a workshop to compare the organizations and individual human rights defenders previous state to their current state and note places that had improved over time or needed a reassessment. At least 30 participants from various organizations in the Albertine region attended the workshop Kolping Hotel in Hoima. The workshop was delivered and facilitated by two prominent security experts from Brazil; 1, Gustavo Gus:  Gustavo Gus is community liaison in The Tor Project and since 2007 works as security trainer and free software consultant in Brazil supporting Indigenous activists in the Amazon region. 2.Narrira Lemos: She is a security trainer from Escola de Ativismo and project manager in Coding Rights (Brazil), an initiative that supports human rights defenders in the Brazil and Amazon region. The session was also supported by staffs of Ngetha media association for peace.