Radio Talk show on the impacts of Internet and Information Communication Technology in promoting community Development and human rights

Ngetha Media Association for Peace held a three hours radio talk show on Friday, 2nd August 2019 with Vijana Corps and Pakwach Youth United Forever in Pakwach town council with the theme “The impact of internet technology in community development and promoting human rights”. The talk show was aimed at highlighting the importance of the internet and how young people can utilize the technology space to promote development and human rights in their communities.

The radio talk show ran from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm on Pakwach FM in Pakwach town council, Pakwach district with a broader aim of emphasizing the young people in the greater West Nile region and the Albertine region of Uganda to take the initiative of exploring the internet space with its innovativeness. The internet and technology is a revolution that came with lots of innovations in many ways and aspects of human life and has become something inevitable for human beings to live without and for this reason, the United Nations saw it important to declare the internet as a basic human right to all people without any form of discrimination in June 2016.

The internet and technology is a revolution and space where various innovations have evolved and still continue to evolve due to the opportunity that it presents to the users. Simplifying life in the digital era of the 21st century in many ways of living is one of the lasting impacts of the internet revolution. Various services can now be accessed just on fingertips without having to move from one place to another, for instance; accessing education through distance learning around the globe, accessing healthcare information for various medical questions helping to reduce the stigmatization and high cost involved with visiting hospitals and to mention but a few. Many people have had their lives change because of the internet and its innovative opportunities like the use of social media and social networking which has become a significant force in economic development, social interaction, political organizing and exercising freedom of expression. The use of social media is now a tool in areas like political action, democracy, and human rights promotion, business marketing and public relations management.

The talk show was attended by Agenonga Robert, Afoyorwoth Dina of Vijaana Corps, Anthony Ssempeera of Ngetha Media Association for Peace and Barnabas Isaac Ocanda of Pakwach Youth United Forever and also a Youth Councilor for Pakwach town council.


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