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Uganda is going to witness one of the largest ever conversions of land into oil mining project. Oil and Gas exploratory and drilling activities in the Albertine graben if not carefully scrutinized will not bring prosperity but rather persisting social unrest, severe human rights violations, clear cutting of virgin forest, loss of biodiversity, genetic erosion of traditional cultures, contamination of water sources, increasing malnutrition, farmers’ indebtedness towards companies and financing banks, lf the exploratory and drilling project continue without due diligent , the socio-ecological sustainability of the whole region will be severely compromised.

Ngetha Media Association for Peace will lead the delegations from Environmental Defenders Law Center in USA and French Embassy in Kampala to the Public Hearings for the Environmental and Social Impacts Assessment Report for the proposed Tilenga Development Project.

A Public Hearing is a forum in which all relevant stakeholders and developers in the Oil project will be brought together to express opinions and offer suggestions on the proposed Project to influence the decision making process during approval of the Environmental Social Impact Assessment.

There will be two public hearings held on 12th November 2018 at Buliisa District Local Government Headquarters, Buliisa District and on 15th November 2018 at Gotapwoyo Primary School, at Latoro center, Gotapwoyo Subcounty, Nwoya District from 9:00 am to 5:00pm.

Tilenga Project involves the development of six oil fields (Jobi-Rii, Ngiri, Nsoga, Gunya, Kigogole and Kasemene-Wahirindi) within Buliisa and Nwoya Districts will form the Tilenga Project. The name Tilenga is derived from two local names for the Uganda Kob called Til in Acholi and Engabi in Lugungu. The Tilenga Project forms part of the wider oil and gas development being undertaken in the
Albertine Graben. The Tilenga project will be funded by TEPU, TUOP, CNOOC Uganda Limited and Uganda National Oil Company (UNOC).

Ngetha will participate in the Public Hearings together with delegations from Environmental Defenders Law Center and French Embassy in Kampala.This is part of Ngetha Media Association for Peace ongoing project supported by Land is Life and Environmental Defenders law in the USA .EDLC is working with Ngetha Media Association for Peace on issues relating to oil development in the Albertine region of Uganda by supporting a fact-finding mission by a lawyers to investigate such harms by several major multinational corporations, in anticipation of litigation. Ngetha Media Association for Peace is deeply committed to human rights and justice

The Blog post was created with love by Zanga Pamella, Partnerships and Development Manager at Ngetha Media Association for Peace

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