Youths and women of Buseruka sub county in Hoima trained to engage on issues of their human, land rights , accountability and to defend their communities.

To create awareness sessions on the challenges and impacts that oil discovery and drilling has and will continue to cause to the surrounding communities and Biodiversity of Lake Albert in Uganda and also proposing ways on how they can be mitigated, Ngetha Media Association in partnership with Lake Albert Social Network , Global Green grants Fund and Land is Life today conducted training of youth and women environmental leaders from Buseruka sub county , the training that was held in Kaiso -Tonya in Hoima district brought together at least 25 participants from various youth and women groups within Buseruka sub county . The training was aimed at building the capacity of youth and women environmental leaders so that they are able to advocate for the protection of their land and Human rights of the indigenous people amidst Oil and gas development project in the sub county. Ngetha Media Association for Peace is currently undertaking campaigns in critical areas experiencing Gross Human rights and Environmental degradation due to the activities of Oil and sugar cooperation companies. With active projects in the communities experiencing Human Rights abuse through forced land evictions and displacements of communities being championed by Sugar companies and companies related to infrastructure development in the Oil and Gas industry. Ngetha Media Association for Peace is working hard to ensure that the Youths and women get more involved in engaging the Oil companies and sugar companies perpetuating Human Rights abuses in the Albertine graben are brought into books and accountable for their actions .

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