Music and Dance for Conservation and Social Justice

Ngetha Media Association for Peace has ventured into music production,  an initiative of Ngetha Media Association for Peace and Eastern Congo Initiative. Ngetha Media Association for Peace will work with Eastern Congo Innitiative, Amani Festival and Virunga National Park in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo to engage local musicians, artists and footballers in using arts to produce and promote musical media that educates listeners and viewers in conservation and sustainability, and to serve as a platform for similar efforts, with an emphasis on rural developing communities in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

In February this year, Ngetha Media Association for Peace team leader Robert Agenonga was invited to attend the Eastern Congo Music Festival in which Ngetha Media Association for Peace played an advisory role in the festival organization. During his stay in Democratic Republic of Congo, Agenonga was involved in leading  all sorts of live workshops, concerts and other events to benefit Congolese youth musicians, communities, schools and all people interested in the union of music with the environment. This engagement resulted into formal partnership with Eastern Congo Initiative that will see Ngetha Media Association for Peace taking lead role in continuing festival in DR Congo. Ngetha Media and Eastern Congo Initiative will collaborate with local musicians in local styles and languages to produce eco-minded songs and music videos for distribution through the radio, TV and online platforms.

We are living in a world in which the people who are bearing the brunt of the backlash for humanity’s decades of decadence have contributed the least to it. On top of this, they know the least about it, as a result of lack of access to the wealth of information that those of us reading this blog have at our fingertips. And even if they did have information regarding the local, landscape, national, regional, continental and global issues that they face, they have few or no systems in place to be able to ignore them, adapt, or even survive.

An ethos and a knowledge of sustainable development is increasingly crucial for all of us. However, there are many families for whom falling out of balance with the earth that sustains them has grave and immediate consequences. As an informed scientific community, can we reach them with research alone? What bridges the gap between research and learning for those who are lucky to be able to read? For those whose history is riddled with abuse by those who quested for such worldly knowledge in less culturally sensitive times?

We believe in the power of music.

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